5 Common Washing Machine Problems

5 Common Washing Machine Problems

Appliances these days have inner computer systems that require a trained professional to fix many problems they may be experiencing. When in doubt, it is always best to call a professional. This article is not based on any one type of machine or brand, but goes over five common problems that front loading machines have and simple fixes to try before calling out the brigade.

Machine Moves Around During Cycles

Washing machines aren’t actually supposed to bounce around and move about. If you are experiencing this type of behavior from your machine, there are a few quick fixes you can try. Most likely the machine needs some adjustment of the installation type. Check to make sure the machine is level and adjust the legs accordingly to correct any imbalances. Transit straps should be removed. If these are not the problem you may need to check the shock absorbers that connect the drum to the chassis of the machine.

Machine Will Not Spin

Typically, one of the easiest fixes when it comes to washing machines is when the machine is not spinning. Newer machines are made to recognize the loads weight and have sensors to notice imbalances. Very small loads or too large of loads may make the machine not spin if it can tell it will not be balanced when it spins. For larger loads, adjust the load and try again. For smaller loads, add some more laundry before washing.

Noisy Washing Cycles

If you are noticing a rattling or noise when the machine is on there are some things that you can check. There may be something stuck in the drum. Some machines allow access to items that may be stuck in the drum through removable drum paddles. If yours doesn’t have those you can check through the heater hole or the hose hole when the machine is off and not running.

My Machine Smells BAD

Newer models of machines sometimes get smelling pretty stinky, and it may be because of the different temperature options for the wash water. Many people do not use the hot wash water cycle to save energy and power. By using the cooler cycles, it allows more bacteria to build up in the machine over time and even begin to coat the drum. It is a good idea to run a hot wash every few days to kill off any bacteria and keep your machine smelling better.

Machine Does Not Finish A Cycle

This is something that can be caused by a whole variety of problems within the washer. Narrowing down when exactly it stops can help you diagnose what might be the problem. Call your appliance technician to help you find and replace the faulty piece.  

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