Keeping Your Garbage Disposal In Shape

Keeping Your Garbage Disposal In Shape


Garbage disposals have been a great invention and have helped make kitchen duties less demanding. Kitchen appliances are all about adding efficiency and making life easier, and they do, as long as they are working properly.


A garbage disposal needs a little bit of love to work right and avoid any troubling problems. While appliance technicians can help resolve any serious problems, many of them can be avoided by practicing some simple care techniques in your regular kitchen routine. By maintaining your garbage disposal’s dignity it will work better, for longer. Here are some of the best tips to keep things running smoothly and avoid any unpleasant smells!


Turn The Water ON

The importance of this tip cannot be stressed enough. When running your garbage disposal you need to be running cold water down the drain at the same time. This is important to keep things moving through the disposal using the water to help to avoid any blockages. Why cold water, you ask? Cold water helps make sure fats and oils solidify before going down which prevents build up.


Watch What Goes Down

Your garbage disposal is not a trash can. It is meant for small amounts of food, and not even all food. Avoid putting fibrous material down the drain like celery and corn husks. These can tangle up the blades and cause unnecessary problems. If you are putting a large amount of food down the drain, do it slowly and don’t do it all at once.


Clean And Sharpen The Blades

Most people who have had a garbage disposal know that sometimes things get a little stinky if you don’t stay up to date with the cleaning and deodorizing. There are deodorizing pellets you can purchase to put down the drain, or you can squirt a little dish soap down the drain and run the disposal for a few minutes to help clean it out. Also make sure to clean the drain plug and splash guard. Bacteria loves to live here so cleaning regularly is a must. Putting ice down the disposal is also a great way to loosen up food chunks that are stuck to the blades. While there is no way to really sharpen disposal blades, using ice every so often can help the blades stay clean and ready to go.

When you have a garbage disposal it is important to also always consider your safety. Never put your hand down the disposal. Keep items from falling in by using a proper drain guard at all times. Call an appliance technician if you are having problems to avoid any accidents that may happen if you try to fix things yourself.

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